Bts Installation, Commisioning & Integration

MBI has attained significant expertise in Base Transreceiver System (BTS) -Installation & Commissioning Service. BTS Installation including the following activities: Indoor Work (BTS Installation as per layout plan, Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS , Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation, PCM routing and kroning, alarm cable routine, and more), Outdoor Work (Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting, Antenna fixtures installation, Antenna installation & alignment, and more) and Microwave Link (Microwave Rack installation, Mini link installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI, Antenna installation & IF Cable routine, DC connection to mini link through DCDB / MCB, Earthing of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction, and more). BTS commissioning & Integration services involves following activities: Test & Installation of Antenna System, Installation, Ho Alignment & Commissioning, Test of microwave antenna systems, Test & Commissioning of T1/E1, Test & Commissioning of BTS/RBS, Integration of BTS/RBS with BSC, Site Acceptance & on-air Call Testing