We provide jammer in many industrial sector, such as in jail.

What is jammer?
a Jammer is a signal blocking device, which transmits synchronized radio waves on the same frequency range of the device that one needs to blur, therefore preventing devices from transmitting data in the chosen area.

Cell phone jammers have both benign and malicious uses. Police and the military often use them to limit or disrupt communications during hostage situations, bomb threats or when military action is underway. Portable personal jammers are available to enable their owners to stop others in their immediate vicinity (up to 60-80 feet away) from using cell phones.

Similar equipment is manufactured to block signals in environments where cell phone activity may not be desirable, such as theaters, churches and operating rooms.

Before purchasing devices, one should consider a few important factors: 1) The blurred frequencies. 2) The typical jamming coverage. 3) The installation and the cooling system of the device.